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“Development. Opportunities. Resources. Access. Insight ”

D.O.R.A.I Foundation is a Community based Organisation  working on Rehabilitation and Empowerment and touching upon 10,65,966 Lives across the Country. DORAI Foundation is humbled with 50 Awards under various Categories for its relentless and Seamless Humanitarian Service and Outreach. 

DORAI Foundation is registered with the Charity Commissioner's Office,  Mumbai, on the 25th of March 2005.  It stands for Development,  Opportunities,  Resources,  Access and Insight.


Ms. KVJ Dr. Sumithra Prasad

Founder – General Secretary, DORAI Foundation

KVJ stands for Karmaveer Jyoti, a title bestowed upon Dr.Sumithra Prasad in Delhi by Icongo, Rex Fellowship Program in 2012 for her lifelong fight for social justice and citizen action to right every wrong. Her personal life’s journey began with several issues from child abuse, substance abuse and street fights. All this later resulted in a concerned responsible adult, spearheading in areas of de-addiction, non-formal education, skills training, mentoring and empowerment programs.

Dr Prasad’s son got her into counselling, self-advocacy trainings, rehabilitation and neighbourhood initiatives in the disability sector. As a media activist she has made over hundred documentaries showcased at several festivals and public forums.

She is an epitome of self- reliance and fighting for the right. Her contribution to the society has been well acknowledged.


A Positive, Inclusive and Empowered Society.


  • To initiate Development Programs for the lower socioeconomic segment and the marginalised Groups including the Neurological Impaired.

  • To create Opportunities in the community which can enable Individuals and Groups to help themselves – be it Social, Educational or Economic initiatives

  • To make Resources available from the Community to the Target Beneficiary Group in order to promote Organic Development.

  • To work on Access and try to bridge the gap between the Producer Groups, Organisations and Service Providers, Facilitators for Sustainable Living especially focusing on Accessibility both- Environmental and Psycho Social

  • To give the right Insight by working on bringing in a Paradigm shift in the Thought Process and bring change in Mindset and perception.

Our Impacts - 10,66,819

  • Access – Towards barrier-free environment
  • Advocacy – Rights of the marginalized
  • Commercial Sex Workers – Counseling and creating awareness towards literacy for their children
  • Creating Societal Awareness by harnessing opportunities in mass media
  • De-addiction camps for substance abuse
  • Education, skills training and empowerment for Children from Socio Economically Deprived Sections
  • Inclusive Education developmentally delayed neurologically challenged and physically disabled.
  • Media Workshops
  • Mental Health – Consultation, Program development & Counsel Partner
  • Mentoring youth in the domain of intra – inter personal communication skills and personality development
  • Motivational workshops and Counseling program for parents of children with special needs
  • Presentations in conventions on various issues of Social Concern
  • Self Analysis and Self Image workshops for personnel from different walks of Life - armed forces and corporate houses.
  • Life Skills Training for the neurologically Impaired and physically disabled
  • Transgender Community Counseling – Demystifying and Self realization & Empowerment among the community
  • Tribal Community Welfare – Medical and Rehabilitation camps
  • Youth Sensitization and activation in the areas of social issues



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