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Awards Recieved

Additional Awards & Felicitations


  • "பெண் எனும் பெருந்தகையே_ Noble Minded Woman Award", for inspiring through Noble Services in the Society, (2023) Chennai
  • "Sushma Swaraj Award", for working towards Women Empowerment across the Country, Haryana (2023)
  • "Golden Excellence Award", for seamless social services across the Country, Chennai (2023)
  • "India Prime, Women Icon Award" for spearheading in the Areas of Deaddiction for Youth and Women Empowerment, Bangalore (2022)
  • Wellness Influencer Award" for providing Counseling Support to Cancer Survivors and their Families, Chennai (2022)
  • "Woman Icon of Chennai" for Examplar Social Impact, Chennai (2022)
  • "MHH Icon of the Year Award" for outreach programs regarding Menstural Health & Hygiene amongst Tribal Communities. Chennai (2022)
  • "Social Work Award" for Achievements in Humanitarian Services. Chennai (2022)
  • "Spectre of Humanity Award" for being an Examplar Humanitarian and Socialist, Chennai (2022)
  • "Woman Achivers Award" for creating social change inspite of hardships. Chennai (2022)
  • "Revolutionary Award" for advocating Rights based Issues across the Country, Vellore (2022)
  • "Humanitarian Excellence Award for continued dedication and notable endless Humanitarian efforts, New Delhi (2021)
  • "India 5000 Women Achievers Award" for exceptional contribution and remarkable work in the realm of social & corporate impact, Gujarat (2021)
  • "Frontline Hero' for Services offered during Covid Lockdown, Delhi (2021)
  • "Social Activist of the Year" for Excellence in Society, Chandigarh (2021)
  • "Life Saver Award" for selfless dedication and humane service during Covid Lockdown, Chennai (2021)
  • Indian Achiever's Award" for contribution towards Nation Building, Delhi (2021)
  • "Change Maker Award" for creating Social Change Movement across the Country by being that Change, Chengalpattu (2021)
  • "Super Woman Special Act Award", for extra ordinary humanitarian work during the COVID Relief Mission, Chennai (2021)
  • "The Spirit of Humanity Award" for upholding Humanitarian Values and working across the Country for creating a Social Change and Impact at the Grassroot Level, Chennai (2021)
  • "The Iron Lady Award" For Courageous Social Activism in the field of Women Empowerment, Kolkata (2021)
  • "Illuminary Award" for Yeoman Service to Community during Lockdown, Mumbai (2021)


  • "Corona Warrior Honor" for working relentlessly during Lockdown, Bhopal (2020)
  • "Corona Hero" for coming forward to help People in Need, Mysore (2020)
  • "COVID Hero Warrior" in appreciation of outstanding dedication and services, Dehradun (2020)
  • "Corona Warrior Honor" for Outstanding Dedication and Service to the Nation, Bihar (2020)
  • "Corona Warrior Honor" for outstanding contribution and Support to Poor, Migrant Workers Families, Delhi (2020)
  • "Asian Education Award" for Contribution to Education Community ( beyond Classrooms at the Grassroot Level) (2020)
  • Tagore Woman of the Year Award" - For seamless contribution pan India as a Woman Social Activist, from Tagore Eductaional Trust and Tagore Group of Colleges, Chennai (2020)
  • "Vocational Excellence Award" - For facilitating Self Help Groups and Vocational Centres across different Marginalised Groups,by Rotary International, Chennai (2020)
  • "Lifetime Achievement Award" - The Award is for working towards Women Empowerment at the Grassroot Level across the Country, Chennai (2020)
  • "Special Mother India" - In recognition of relentlessly carrying on the Mission of Counseling, Capacity Building to empower Special Parents all over the Country , Punjab (2019)
  • "NGO Award" - For Youth Social Conscious through Internships- Institute for Technology and Management, Mumbai (2019)
  • 'Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Peace Award' - by National Human Rights Council of India, Bangalore (2019)
  • 'Woman India Icon Award' - Best Social Entrepreneur, Chennai (2018)
  • 'Outstanding Woman Social Entrepreneur - by National Foundation of Entrepreneurship Development, Coimbatore (2018)
  • 'Leelavathi Nair Memorial - Best Teachers Award' - Contribution to Alternative Education, by Higher Education Forum of India, Mumbai (2017)
  • 'Mother Teresa - Best Parent Award'- Patna (2017)
  • 'Rashtriya Stree Shakti Samman " - Working Towards Women Empowerment Raipur (2017)
  • 'Best Social Entrepreneur Award' - Creating Socio Economic Rehabilitation & Social Change Chennai ( 2016 )
  • 'Social Service Award - Working for Welfare of Persons with Special Needs' - Chennai ( 2016 )


  • 'International Award for Humanitarian Service' - Relentless Service during Natural Disasters - New Delhi (2015)
  • 'Ambassador Evangelist _ Apeejay Karmayuga ( 2014-15 )
  • 'Parenting Excellence Award' - More than Parents, Chennai (2014)
  • 'Best Human Rights Activist' - Advocating for Rights of Persons with Special Needs - Mumbai (2014)
  • 'Mother Teresa Award' – Best Social Service State Award - Chennai (2014)
  • 'Wave -Wellness Army Volunteering Excellence Award for Significant Service in Mental Health' - Chennai ( 2013)
  • 'Golden Candle Award' - upholding the spirit of dauntless and selfless spirit in social service - New Delhi (2012)
  • 'Role Model’ - for life skill counseling in the Urban Mental Health Program by Banyan & Dept of Social Work – Loyola College_ Chennai, (2011)


  • ‘Sewa Jyothi - Award of Honor’ for the extensive community work done in Punjab (2010)
  • ‘Karmaveer Puraskar’ – Lifelong fight for social justice – New Delhi (2010)
  • ‘Sadguru Gnananda Award’ for promotion of social service consciousness - Chennai (2009)
  • ‘Selfless Service Honor’ for rehabilitation of Tsunami affected in Tamilnadu _ Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan – Mumbai (2005)

A Little Recognition


  • The work undertaken has been recognized by several Esteemed Institutions;
  • Tamilnadu State Director of Project_100 and International World Parliament 2021.
  • Vice President - Anti Corruption Vigilance Committee
  • Associate Member - Fair Trade Forum of India
  • Life Member - National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development
  • National Service Scheme - Anna University (2018)
  • Biographical Sketch Featured as one of the Inspirational Real Life Heroes in a Book called "Karma Kurry" - Volume II (2017)
  • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment - Disability Department (2013)


  • The National Trust, (2009)
  • National Confederation of Parents Association, (2007)
  • Sun Dance Film Festival (2004)
  • Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (2004)
  • Govt. of Uttar Pradesh - Lakshman Mela (2003)
  • Govt. of Haryana (2000)

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